Friday, September 12, 2008

Well, being pregnant, busy, and having a bad cold doesn't equal the best of weeks. Who knew?!

Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday I was in increasing ab/leg pain. I figured it was just baby and maybe me over doing it or something, but by Wednesday morning I decided to call the doctor. They got me in and checked out all the "normal" problems. Things that would cause pain and a reason to be concerned. None of them panned out which is good because now I know that baby/I am okay and we might just not feel well for the next 58 or so days. It was a little frustrating to feel like I wasted my time/energy to get there, but I'm always happier safe than sorry! Through the blood work though they found my white count to be about double-triple where it should be. That is a sign of sickness I think - perhaps from this horrible cold? So, next week when I go for a regular appointment they'll draw more blood to keep tabs on that. All in all, we're doing well - just worn out.

Tonight we put together the crib. Wait - Mike put together the crib, I screwed in 1 screw, put on one caster, held 2 different parts while he screwed things together, and generally entertained us both. Now it's kind of scary - we have baby furniture set up - not just in a box. Eek! We're really getting close now!

Cooper and Tucker were great today while I babysat. Tuck was sleeping when I got there so Coop and I had a fun time downstairs watching Deal or No Deal (apparently quite intriguing for a 2 year old). Tuck woke up about 15 minutes before Jess came home and he was happy, smiley, and super talkative (as much as an 8 month old can "talk"). It was a fun afternoon :)

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AmyG said...

Glad everything check out. Hope you feel better soon!