Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It's Wednesday. Summer has returned to Northeastern Iowa. After a week or so of cold, rainy weather it's been hot, sunny, and humid again! Eek.

We've been pretty busy lately. This weekend we got to go to supper with our SS Class on their camping trip. It was rainy, but we had a great time. After hanging out there for a while we headed down to Pella (Mike's hometown). On Saturday we spent time with his grandparents, cousins, and parents. They also threw a baby shower for us! We were given some very nice and fun gifts. It was a great weekend, although rather exhausting!

This week has been busy with babysitting, cleaning, cooking, and setting up the nursery for me and Shareathon at work for Mike. At least we'll be blessed with a lot of overtime pay for him and a lot of church pay for me as I've been working ahead on music schedules to get ready for the baby.

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