Monday, May 12, 2008

A Note from Our Little Girl

No, this isn't an announcement, but it's actually a note from our Cici - our Indonesian Compassion International Child :) I think this is her 4th letter to us - and it's the first that she handwrote (before her mom did the writing)!! She's in 5th grade - her birthday is coming up in July. Here's her note:

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lanser,
Peace in Christ! We meet again this new year, even though days have changed and months have passed, but I continue to giving thanks for having such good sponsors. I write this letter when I am doing well. And I never forget to pray for Papa and Mama Mike Lanser that Papa and Mama are always doing well as I am right now. Right now I go to the 5th grade. This New Year I will learn English harder. Hope I can learn English through Papa and Mama and Papa and Mama will support me to make my dream come true. It is my letter now. I will write again next time. Oh yes, I would love to have a picture of Papa and Mama with your family. May Lord Jesus be with all of us!
Love: Yulia Prisillia Nuban
Note: I/me/my = Cici"

Isn't she just so sweet?! I love the Papa and Mama Lanser :) We need to get some more color ink for our printer so we can get a good picture to her :) For Mother's Day this year we're sending her family and extra gift in honor of our moms. Hopefully it will be useful to their whole family.

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