Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's midnight. I have worked 5 hours today and 3 yesterday from home - I was typing/editing/proofing/transcribing/fixing... our church's intern's ordination paper! WHEW. What a lot of work - my back and arms are tired - so is my brain. But I was able to work at home :)

Today (or yesterday... Wednesday... whenever that was) I had 3 different jobs at home (well, paying jobs... I also took care of the dog - she pays with kisses). Piano Teacher, Babysitter (to an ADORABLE 3 month old), and Typist. All's well that ends well, right?!

In other news - our church's private school has not had class for one week due to the weather and other things! They had school last Wednesday, not on Thurs/Fri/Mon for conferences and holiday, not Tues/Wed because of dangerous roads and windchills of way below zero. It's insane here folks! We didn't have church on Sunday either. I've never seen such a bad winter - in all my 25 years I sure don't remember one at least!

Well, I'm finally going to bed :)

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