Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Life Update

We had another snow storm last night - looks like 4-5 new fresh powder today. What a fun and insane winter we've had!

I got my letter from Wyeth yesterday - apparently they're now offering deals for those of us who haven't gotten our Spa Rewards Redeemed yet (which is obviously a lot of people...). I'm going to send in my rewards and get a Visa Card back for the same amount (I am going to make copies of my rewards though and send a letter letting them know I've done that because I want to be extra careful and not lose that $100!!!).

I'm shopping some more through Big Crumbs - I have some pregnant friends and so I've been looking for fun little things for them :) I'm getting better at always checking to see if they're a Big Crumbs company before shopping somewhere online (where I love to shop...). I also just got a beautiful sweater from New York & Company today that I ordered clearance through Big Crumbs! How fun to get a nice new sweater at a good deal and to make money off of the purchase (even if it is only change...)

My Etsy store has not been doing much lately. I was so excited when I got up and running and things were selling left and right. Now there's a little dip in the excitement and that's hard! I've also got a few things on Ebay that have some people watching them, but aren't going anywhere. I guess it's just hard to be patient when we're now down quite a bit on the income side of things. I'm not a patient or easily trusting person, so this is proving to be a challenge for me - I figured when I was done at work at church it was great that I had my Etsy and Pampered Chef (which isn't doing too shabby I guess - I would love to get some online shows going though!!) to keep us going.

Wait a minute... Why am I complaining though?! We have enough revenue to survive plus a little extra to save. I even make pennies a date through Clix4Coins :) We're not in ridiculous debt (we have things I don't consider ridiculous - Student Loans, House - not car or a whole lot of Credit Card...). I have 16 piano students that are consistent and are a joy (usually) to work with. I just got a call from my co-worker at church asking me to work some hours tomorrow and Friday... We're doing okay. I need to stop worrying and really enjoy the opportunities God has given me to be home, to pick and choose what I do, and to enjoy all of that. Thanks for the little reminders God. And thanks to you for listening in on my ramblings today :)

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Crazy Daisy said...

Keep you head up! :) I know, I know, sometimes it is hard when things aren't going quite right. Any debt is a pain in the neck. But one day, and one blessing at a time! :)