Thursday, February 7, 2008

Deals :)

I've made my first purchases through Big Crumbs (See link below). It's really fun! Granted, I only made 26 cents since it was a small Ebay purchase, but really, can I complain about making something back on something I was already planning to buy? Yesterday I placed an order for a clearance sweater from my favorite New York & Company - again through Big Crumbs. We'll see what I earn back on that :) If you've not checked it out, I highly recommend you sign up (you can through my link below) and then bookmark it as a reminder to shop through them when online shopping. I forgot about checking the other day when I ordered some underwear from my favorite Bare Necessities and so I'm bummed because they have a big return! Oh well - next time! Live and learn.

It's not snowing today :) Hurray, Hurray, Hurray. It is cloudy though :(

After reading Crazy Daisy's post about her Real Age I decided to find mine :) I'm actually 25.1 and my real age is 26. I guess I'm not doing too badly! It was a fun little quiz - and rather insightful - pointing out what areas of life I could change (diet, sleep, exercise, etc...). If you have 10 minutes you should give it a try :)


Crazy Daisy said...

Thank is awesome with your 'real age'! :) ... I've tagged you! Come over to my blog for details!

Rachel said...

Hey! Did you check today? Maybe you'll be getting a letter about the spa rewards that you can opt for a prepaid visa card instead of redeeming them. Sounds too good to be true, but I got the letter today, too, and I am going to send it in to use for something fun. I'm going to make a copy of everything I send in to them, just to be on the safe side, and maybe even send it certified mail. Maybe using this to pay off debt would be better stress-relief than even getting a spa treatment. :) Happy Monday!