Monday, February 25, 2008

Saving despite another blizzard...

I'm so glad we're on budget billing now for our electric/gas. Too bad it will be more in the summer than we're used to, but this winter called for such actions. This morning we had a few inches of RAIN - heavy RAIN. Then it turned to snow. So, now we have a few inches of slushy wetness being snowed on. All in all this equals only 2 students today and who knows if I'll have any tomorrow. Crazy winter!

I think I'll spend the rest of my afternoon making jewelry. I'm so tired of coughing and not feeling well.

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Crazy Daisy said...

ISH, Mushy snow! It was in the 30s here today! However the up and down temps here have caused my couch to persist for a good (well bad) week! Hope you are feeling well soon!