Monday, February 25, 2008


How long does one wait to see a doctor when she thinks she has bronchitis? I'm open for suggestions!

In other news - being sick has given me time to read - I've been reading a novel loaned to my by my sweet (and newly pregnant for the first time) friend Anna. It's called "Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn. I'd never read anything by him. There are bits of the book that aren't my favorite style - such as switching into "heaven mode" where you hear characters who have been martyred talking and observing what's going on on earth. I'm never quite sure what I think of heaven portraits in books just because it's all so unknown. But, other than those few timesr read his stuff, but have enjoyed this book - only a few chapters to go. It's a very thought provoking look into the church in China and persecuted Christians that I wish I knew if that was accurate or not, this book has been a great way to jump start my prayer life again! If you're up to a challenge - need a jumpstart - or are interested in persecuted church information, I can highly recommend this book!

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Kim said...

Go now, if it is truly an infection it will only get worse. Have them prescribe something off the Walmart $4 list to save $$.