Friday, February 22, 2008

New Day

It's a new day - and it's sunny and above 8 degrees F!! Oh the small things that excite me.

Last night we went to our first Republican Central Committee meeting. We're on our county's central committee. It was an interesting meeting. We joined the committee at caucuses because we don't know much about politics and although we know we'll never be politicians, we think it's important to at least know what's going on and understand a bit about platforms, candidates, and issues (to name a few). One of the members of our committee just returned from a NATO meeting - he had some interesting stories. Things I didn't understand about Kosovo, McCain, etc. It seemed that most at our meeting aren't happy that it appears McCain will get the bid, but at least a semi-conservative is better than a non-conservative... We'll see how that plays out in the weeks and months ahead.

Today I woke up with a cold starting - ugh. I haven't had one for a while, so I guess it's my turn... again. Shucks.

I'll be going into church to work today. There have been some changes and problems in the office there lately, including the regular secretary cutting to about half of her "old" hours - including different days than she worked before. Another secretary has added a day to her schedule, temporarily, until they figure out a better system. She's not super excited about that since she's actually "retired" and doesn't want to work 4 full days. The third secretary has added a day to her schedule which she was happy about so she could really get things done. And I've added an afternoon each week along with other random things - I'm officially "the clean up crew". Not sure if I'm enjoying that. It's still fun to be in the office and out of the house a bit, and I'm grateful for the small paycheck, but it's just not very gratifying to be someone's "clean up."

This weekend we'll have our youth pastor's children at our house :) Anna is in 2nd grade and Luke is 4. They're great kids. Mom and Dad will be on a ski retreat with the youth so we'll keep the kids here. Should be fun! Hopefully this cold doesn't turn too nasty on me so it is really fun!

Mike's birthday is on Sunday. I've gotten him some fun gifts (can't say what since he tends to read my blog occasionally) at some great deals. He needs to decide if we're going out, having friends in, staying in, what we're going to do.

Well, it's time to really jump into the day - I've gotten some things done but have much more to do before going to church.

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