Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weekend Update

The LCT performances went beautifully. My mental health wasn't so great though!

On Friday afternoon I started having a rather sick lower GI system... Thankfully I didn't ever have to throw up, since I'm absolutely TERRIFIED to do so. Anyway, I went to the print shop to pick up our 1200 programs (while sick...) and found that they had printed them in BW instead of Color!! Oh no. After an hour at work running around trying to figure out what to do I came home, crashed, and didn't go to dress rehearsal. Saturday Mike and I both spent time at work printing response cards and setting up things I didn't get done Friday due to illness. The programs arrived 1/2 hour before the doors opened! The ushers didn't really feel the need to follow any of my directions so that was chaotic. After the show started though, it went great!

Following Sat.'s performance we went out for some food with our friends Tim and Sarah (who are also in orchestra with us - and who went to college with us too!!). Sarah's gotten hooked on CVS too and so we had a great time talking about that :)

Sunday's ushers were a bit better - probably because Mike and I arrived early and refused to let them do "their" jobs. The show was beautiful again.

We enjoyed Applebees to go with Mike's parents and grandparents after the show.

All in all a long, exhausting, sick, beautiful, great weekend!

Yesterday I wasn't ready to be back working! I wanted a weekend... Today wasn't too bad though. I have 1 more student yet tonight and then I'm off for 3 weeks of Christmas break :D I'm really excited about that! I will enjoy working and then coming HOME instead of home to WORK more.

Super saving tip of the day: CARTRIDGE WORLD. My favorite place! $12.99 for an ink cartridge (black) for our printer. And it's recycled so that's good stewardship I figure. And after you buy 10 inks you get one free and they plant a tree somewhere... I enjoy my savings there every time I need ink (which is too often with 2 home based businesses).

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