Thursday, December 13, 2007

Weekend Plans

This weekend we will be performing in our church's Living Christmas Tree program! Last year Mike sang in the choir and I was the drama coordinator/backstage run around like crazy woman! This year we're both in the orchestra (the first year they're doing live accompaniment). The music is BEAUTIFUL - based on many of Michael W. Smith's favorite Christmas pieces. There is lovely Scripture narration and just some fun musical parts. Tomorrow night is dress rehearsal and then we perform on Saturday and Sunday. It's a big outreach time for our church - many unsaved community members are attending. The gospel is clearly presented in song - John 3:16 make up the lyrics for one of the pieces! If you've ever seen a Living Christmas Tree, you know how crazy cool it is. If you haven't, I'll try to explain - there's a 35 foot "tree" assembled in our sanctuary. It reaches the ceiling. Inside it's like riser platforms. The tree can hold up to 75 singers. The tree is covered in different kinds of lights and during the singing there's an actual light show. It's just the coolest looking thing!

These are a couple of photos I took last year - you really can't see the detail, but you get a tiny idea of the different colors and the size... If you look carefully you can tell that there are people (in the 2nd pic especially). So fun!

We are praying for good health - there has been a bit of a flu epidemic right now! It seems that most who were sick are on the mend, yet those of us who haven't been sick are simply praying to stay that way! Hopefully this year we will be a blessing to the nearly 1200 who view our program!

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Rachel said...

Hope you had a good turn out! I was just wondering if you ever got that Walgreens Spa rewards thing? Still waiting on mine....wondering if it was too good to be true. Hope you're doing well!