Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Plans

We're actually home for an entire Saturday!

It's been a few months of forgetting to save money... That all changes TODAY. With working and running and teaching and everything else that's been going on, it's been too easy to just run to the store or McDonald's lately.

This week I've started working on that - Wednesday night we had a hotdish with ingredients I had at home. Last night I made a huge pot of wild rice soup - that feeds us 3.5 meals! All I had to pick up was a piece of ham ($2.25), half 'n half ($1), and carrots ($.57) to make it :)

I love being home more and cooking! I'm not teaching again until the 7th, so after work I can actually come home and think about cooking or housework! It's wonderful. I'll only have 1 full week of working and teaching before I start working my way out and Beth starts working her way back in. I'll miss my job, definitely miss the paycheck, but won't miss the time away from home. I've learned a valuable lesson about time management! I've also learned to keep more organized than ever! Thursday and Friday night I finally got my desk to a very organized state and I even filed EVERYTHING that needed to be filed! Hurray.

Now, back to TODAY. I'm working on a menu again and going to grocery shop only for the necessary items (hopefully most will already be in the house). It's time to think logically and healthily about this stuff again!

Unfortunately I don't think that the Palmolive deal at CVS is enough to get me there today. Hopefully next week's add will knock my socks off :)

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