Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas :)

I have a new hobby! While with Mike's family this weekend I learned how to make beaded jewelry. It's not too hard! I mean, I could get really complex and have it be super hard, but the 3 pairs of earrings I made weren't too bad! The first pair was the hardest - seed beads and fishline... But they look okay... My other two pairs match - one for me and one for my sister! Now I am going to hit Hobby Lobby to get some of my own supplies so I can start working on birthday gifts for my girlfriends! I'm not into the hard stuff... just cute and easy! I wore my new pair all day and felt super special :) It's dorky, but fun! Mike is thrilled that I have a hobby now - because my other hobbies (scrapbooking is probably the top one) aren't something I am continually able to do. He thinks I work too much in the evening (which is what happens when you run two businesses from home I guess... and then work out of the home for a while too...) so he's glad I have something to occupy my hands. If I was more patient I'd cross-stitch, but I wasn't ever good at that one! Knitting is something I could pick up again... I learned the basics in middle school and did enjoy that. But for now, beading will be my out! Hurray for fun and frugal gifts for friends!

In other news, Christmas was fun. We spent Saturday-Tuesday with Mike's family. It was my first Christmas without my parents, so it was kind of difficult at times (like during "Silent Night" at the Christmas Eve Service...) but it was a great time of relaxation. I caught up on a LOT of sleep while I was there! Hallelujah :)

Speaking of sleep, it's about time to do that again... Yay. Tomorrow I work, shop for after Christmas deals, and then am home for the evening.

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Bethany said...

I just found your sidebar link to my blog... Thanks so much! :-)