Saturday, December 8, 2007

Disappointed :(

Well, I would have thought that when Walgreens' Website says that offers are good through December 8th that mean they were actually offered on the 8th. Apparently I was wrong.

I did end up getting Walgreens Brand of Cashews - 2 for $5
I got my 2 glade candles with the $2 coupon and the $2 rebate
I got my Jane Powder for -$1

All in all I get $7.99 in rebates, no register rewards, and spent $4.77 which is still less than the price of the nuts should have been. Not horrible, but sadly, not the HUGE deal I was counting on.

I also found an instant value coupon for $1 off Gillette Deodorant (hubby's favorite) - and I have coupons at home too! That's not a rebate either, so I'll be getting that next week when I pick up prescriptions. What an adventure today - during a blizzard no less! Oh well, I do like saving money and it does feel good to get those rebates. Now if only Mike and I weren't both so worn out and sick feeling!

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