Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This year we're spending the holiday in Minnesota with my parents and siblings. Our costs will be minimal - gas to and from = $80 or so... That's the only cost, thankfully!

Here we've had snow since about 11:30am :) It's beautiful. I worked only until 12:45 today because then there was really just nothing left to do! I spent the afternoon running errands (not cheap ones... unfortunately) and relaxing with the Wii - I have to put it to good use, right? We've witnessed the second car accident on our block tonight - it's icy. For some reason our corner just begs people to slip/slide/speed/crash through... Our neighbor has seen 7-8 accidents I think he said! No one was injured - just a little crunch tonight.

Starbuck (our dog) is going to enjoy these next few days - she will be going with us instead of staying home in her kennel alone! She loves the car and will probably like my parents' house since she loves to spoiled and my whole family loves her :)

I've been having a bit of an unsettled tummy today - I hope it goes away before tomorrow!!

See you all next week :)

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