Sunday, November 25, 2007


No pictures to chronicle this event, but I do have an exciting story :)

After being away for the holidays, we came home to set up the Christmas tree and decorations - always a new adventure when living in a different house than last year! So, as we dug around in the attic, we realized that we had tons of stuff spread out all over the place... After a quick trip to Target where we spent $17.08 on 4 large plastic tote/bin things, it was almost time to organize :)! We found that if you buy the holiday colored bins (green and red) instead of the clear or "hip" colors, you save over $4 per item! Then we stopped at church to pick up the label maker I use there, and then it was home to start working! Our attic closet space is now clean, orderly, and almost everything is in a labeled box - making life so much easier :) Now there's just a lot of odds/ends down here in my office that need to find a home.

Organization is one of my favorite things - definitely makes me feel better to know where stuff is! And I must say, label makers are the BEST - especially when you can borrow them from work :)

In other news, I'm still not feeling well. Wednesday afternoon/evening was spent just feeling exhausted and out of it. I didn't feel well Thursday afternoon/evening at my parent's house either. Not really SICK - just exhausted and rather nasty in the tummy. No puking or anything, just off and blech. Friday was pretty good, Saturday was so-so until bedtime when I just felt horrible, and today was great until about 4:30pm :( It's kinda strange - if I'm sick I'd like to just be SICK and then be BETTER and if I'm not sick, then I think I should be feeling fine! That's my little rant for the evening.

Tonight starts something new in our household - a ledger booklet. We both use our debit cards for probably 95% of purchases. Now, usually they show right up on our online bank account, but sometimes they don't. Also, sometimes one of us wrote a check that's not cleared and then when we check online we look rich, but after spending the money and having the check go through, we're in trouble. So, our solution idea is to have a ledger sheet (thanks to Microsoft for having a template all ready for me to print) in the office where we can post all expenses (just keeping receipts doesn't do it for us) and then we can track better, hopefully?! That's the plan anyways. I'll have to keep you posted on that one!

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