Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Well, since Mike and I both have the same problem of losing things, we both are getting good at finding the things for the other person. He came home and within 2 minutes of looking found the book ON THE SHELF where I originally should have had it! Goodness - how can I be so blind?!

Cooper is here again today. We ran 9 errands yesterday and that was exhausting. This morning I put him in the pack 'n play and he slept until 9:30 (almost 3 hours!!). It's a cold and rainy dark day here so I appreciated being able to fall asleep this morning!

Tonight I'm (mostly) hosting a baby shower for friend Jenny. I hope it will be fun - it's not the most frugal adventure I've had, but it should be a good time for everyone. We're going to decorate onsies with puff paints, have a devotional from our pastor's wife, and eat tasty food!

Thanks ladies for the great hints on finding things!

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