Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ways to Save and Earn at Home

What are some of your favorite ways to earn some extra cash from home?
How about ways to save extra cash easily?

Here are some of my favorites:

-COUPONS/FRUGAL BLOGS - thanks to wonderful bloggers like Money Saving Mom, I am able to find so many great deals on everyday necessities... Coupons... Sales... Freebie Giveaways... Samples...

-DIAPERS - I have mainly cloth diapered our 19 month old (for only 4 more days - WHERE has the time gone?!) during her lifetime. I just recently finished a disposable diaper study with Arquest though - GREAT! We got 15 days worth of diapers and $10 for 2 phone interviews lasting a couple of minutes each! 1.888.342.7372 is the number to try. Leave your child(ren)'s information - they may just call you back! They did for me :)

-SURVEYS - I've just started Surveyhead and we'll see where that takes me. In the past I've used other programs as well and, although the payouts are low, if you have freetime, why not...

-BLOG GIVEAWAY - I've already written about that yesterday!!

-SWAGBUCKS - Again, you've seen me mention this before, but it's worth another mention - SWAGBUCKS is amazing. I've earned over $100 of Amazon cards - and I have the purchases to prove it :)

-EBAY/ETSY/DIAPER SWAPPERS - I've been selling things. Why keep a perfectly wonderful Pampered Chef lid that I can't use since I don't have the pan? Why keep the 50 pairs of earrings I've made in a box where they're not used? Why store cloth diaper accessories that don't fit? SELL!

-BIG CRUMBS - When purchasing online I try to remember to shop through this site - I've earned $12 this way... but $12 is nothing to sneeze at!

What can you add to the list?
I'm sure I have more - I'll have to think on it some more :)

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Anjanette aka. MommaYoung said...

Very helpful info, I would love to the Cloth Diaper one... I sure could use them!

Thanks for sharing.