Friday, June 4, 2010

Tough Week

What do you do when you've had a tough week?

I've been TRYING not to wallow...

But I do want to share so if you don't want to hear my complaints, feel free to skip on by this post!!

Sunday Evening
My computer erased everything from "My Documents"
ALL my pictures and movies of Bekah (and had I backed up since Christmas... no... of course not)
ALL my 9+ years of piano studio information
ALL the articles I've ripped out of magazines and spent hours scanning in case I ever want to read them again
ALL my recipes I've collected
ALL my clipart - some is very specific
ALL my scrapbooking designs
ALL of the music I have saved on my computer - some free, some found, some old, some new
ALL of my fancy downloaded fonts... like all 100 of them
ALL my NAMTA Newsletters and Information (I'm our NAMTA - local branch of MTNA - newsletter editor)
And I'm sure I can go on and on about what was included in those 81,000+ files
First I was devastated about the videos/pictures
Then I was happy I still have my daughter and can make new memories
Then I was furious about my piano studio work
Then I realized about NAMTA and was more furious
Then I was disappointed about the recipes, games, articles, music, and more
I cried
I screamed
I probably hit something
I didn't really sleep much

We found a local computer tech who was willing to help me recover things
I was still angry
I was still disappointed
I was still upset
I was tired
I got a sore throat

I dropped off the computer, had a great conversation with the tech, and left optimistically hopeful
My chest filled up with snot and my sides got tired of coughing

My computer was still being worked on, but it was progressing
I felt like total poop
I didn't go to church

My computer got finished!
He thought it was a failing hard drive
Mike went to pick it up
I went to CVS to buy more Sudafed
Bekah tried to get away from me in the parking lot
I hyper-extended her elbow
We snuggled
She cried
I got almost sick to my stomach
I waited on the phone for over a half an hour with the nurse line
I took Bekah to the clinic
3 hours later we came home
We were hopeful that her elbow was back in place
She was crabby
She napped on me until 7
We missed the 1st Municipal Band Concert in the park
Bekah went to bed
We started working on installing my new hard drive
We stayed up late
I was still optimistic

We went to take x-rays since Bekah's arm was no better
We saw 3 more doctors
They finally got her elbow to stay in place
We had free pizza at Daddy's work
My tummy hurts from the pizza and the snot
I started opening recovered files to see what we've got
Not much
At least not much important stuff
We have some new videos that hadn't been backed up
We have some pictures that hadn't been backed up
We have Piano Studio bills from 2007
We have a few current .docs
I have some of my clipart
I've not tried to go through the music yet, but there's lots of it


I'm frustrated

We really don't have that much of the really helpful for my business stuff back... like my income and expenses from the year... Like my worksheets and music...

And so

I'm frustrated

Stupid Computers

Stupid everything on computers

Stupid hours of wasted time in making things that are gone

I have to remember that I've got some of the sentimental things back... that I keep track of most of my income in the students' notebooks as well as the computer... that we can put back together, rather closely, the expenses... that I still have my family in tangible, real life... that Bekah's elbow is healing... that my cold will someday go away...

But right now I'm just kind of disappointed

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Alexia said...

Oh man! I think I would have cried. I don't keep much on my computer for this exact reason, we've had computers crash waaay to much over here!

I always sit down with a movie and a snack when I have days like that. "escaping" for a couple hours always helps me calm down.