Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fitness Kick

Wow - I've really been on a fitness kick these last few days, haven't I?

Well, you see... I'm really on a quest towards better health and wellness.

Before Bekah was even conceived I was weighing in 20+ lbs over my beloved wedding weight!

Now that my "baby weight" time has definitely come and gone I'm weighing in about 40+ lbs that untouchable wedding weight.

My blood sugar is too high

My pants are too tight

My tummy has no room to expand more for another baby

It's time to get this fixed

Lucky for me we have friends who are all joining together in a little friendly competition towards weight loss and exercise goals!

So, in an effort to become healthier (or really, just to stay in the club!!) I'm working out at least 90 minutes a week and trying to lose the lbs.

Unfortunately for me I'm only about 1 lb closer to my goal... After a couple months of work. It's frustrating! But, THIS WEEK is going to be it - I'm going to hop over the hump and start seeing results.

If not I might have to indulge myself in a big bag of... um... carrot sticks?!

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Jen D said...

I understand exactly what you are going through as I was in the same boat! Stick with it--you CAN do it! It is definitely a slow going process, but as with anything when you are truly making a lifestyle change, it takes time. And, doing it before another baby is so wise. I can already tell how much better I feel with this pregnancy--no back pain (well, at least not yet), more energty and ability to keep up with the kids, and since I lost the weight before I know that it will be possible again after the baby gets here. You are on the right track-Yay for you!