Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bike Helmet Help!!

Do you have your toddlers in helmets when riding in the bike trailer or on the bike baby seat?

If so, where did you find your little helmets?!


Jen D said...

We make the kids wear helmets in the bike trailer and we got both of the helmets for at a bike shop. They helped us fit them too.

J mom said...

I'm with Jen. We got helmets with no trouble at the bike shop. Helmets must be worn when in the bike trailer and when riding kid's bikes/trikes too. It sets a good habit. It took Seth awhile to get used to it but now he doesn't complain at all because it has become second nature. In fact he leaves it on most of the time when outside so he was up in the tree with it the other day. I figured, hey, can't hurt right?!