Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's Your Favorite Way to Save Money?!?

I'll admit it
I'm a coupon addict
I'm a sales addict
I'm a stack coupons with sales addict
I'm a stack coupons with sales with store coupons addict
And, I love Target!
And they didn't pay me to say that. They don't know I said that. However, if they did and WANTED to pay me, I won't complain :)

If you don't feel like reading my gloating... feel free to pass the rest of this post by!

Saturday, March 6, 2010
The morning was as regular as a Saturday morning gets around here. Mike went to work out. Mike cut his hair. Mike went to church to set up for the talent show. Bekah took a morning nap (okay, NOT normal...). Bekah played. I showered. I cleaned. You get the picture.
Anyway... back to the point... We ran out to get some errands done early in the afternoon before getting Bekah down for a good afternoon nap before heading to church for the talent show which Mike emceed and I played in.
We started at Target. And we scored. Big time.
I'll just let my receipt speak for itself (yes, I saved it just for you!)

Pedialyte (if you buy the powder it doesn't expire for a long time!
2 Pedialyte Coupons
1 BOGO Free Pedialyte Coupon
Total Pedialyte Cost
Regular Cost of 1 Pedialyte Box

Kraft Dressing (for Mike) on Sale
Kraft Dressing (for Amy) on Sale
1 Kraft Dressing Coupon
Total Kraft Dressing Cost
Regular Cost of 1 Kraft Dressing

5 Pounds Clementine Oranges on Sale
1 Clementine Coupon
Total Clementine Oranges Cost
Regular Cost of 5 Pounds of Clementine Oranges

Yoplait Kids Yogurt Drinks 6 Pack on Sale
1 Yoplait Kids Coupon
Total Yoplait Kids Cost
Regular Cost of Yoplait Kids

Yoplait Simply GoGurt 6 Pack
Yoplait Simply GoGurt 6 Pack
2 Yoplait GoGurt Coupons (one was $.40 off of 1 and the other was $.80 off of 2)
Total Cost of YoPlait GoGurt
Regular Cost of YoPlait GoGurt

Kraft Cheese Block on Sale
Kraft Cheese Block on Sale
Target Coupon
Total Cost of 2 Kraft Cheese Blocks
Regular Cost of 2 Kraft Cheese Blocks

Nothing I purchased was taxed here in our fair state. Yay!

I handed over a $20 and received $1.53 in change.

I saved $16.68.

(Don't recheck my math... I probably typed something wrong, but I can read the end results via my receipt!)

So, yes, I love coupons
I love sales
I love stacking
And I REALLY love how Target takes my LEGALLY and PROPERLY printed online coupons and accepts them.

All in a day's work


How about you - any fun trips or tips to share?!?

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