Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recipe Help?!

I need your help!

Seeing as I only own about 20 cookbooks and have limitless recipe options online it doesn't make sense that I'm at a loss for what to cook around here...

But it's the sad truth.

Mike and I are really working on our diets - eating healthier foods, cutting costs, cutting artificial things...

Many of the things we love to eat aren't the healthiest options. But we're working on re-vamping what we enjoy eating and also how we make favorites (whole wheat pasta, whole wheat flour,...). I'm thrilled that we're finding more and more products without corn syrup and artificial ingredients - such as gogurt for Bekah, canned fruits, etc.

Now, where can I use your help?

I'm looking for favorite casserole (or hotdish for my Minnesotan fans) type dishes that are tasty, quick, cheap, and most of all, HEALTHY!

If you've got a favorite, feel free to blog about it and link to me, post it in my comments, or send me an email!!!

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Sarah said...

Hey! I know this is way behind the times, but here's two really cheap and fairly healthy ideas:

~Sarah O.