Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wow! What a Deal!

If you're anything like me

...perhaps you save up your digital pictures until one of the major companies has a major sale tend to use one site regularly, but are willing to switch for a rockin' awesome deal

Even if you're usually loyal to one company, regardless of the deals, I have to share this one!

Shutterfly (my second "usual" choice btw) is offering a $15 credit.

That's a whole lot of pictures!

Simply sign in to your account (or create one and then sign in)
Go to "My Account"
Go to "Enter Special Code"
Enter this code FIFTEENOFF
You have a $15 credit to your account valid for the next 100 years.

Well, presto if you go fast enough and snag this before it's gone.
No presto if you're too late...


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