Saturday, July 4, 2009

Garden Failures?

Well, I've always enjoyed gardening, but this year I've had some flops...

* The seeds I started failed to come up
* The seeds I put in the garden failed to come up
* Of the 2 rhubarb roots I started, one flourished right away while the other didn't come up for WEEKS, finally sprang to life, and then completely pooped out and died a few days later
* My two tomato plants were flourishing... until I transplanted them, they broke off, and now who knows what's going on with them
* My cilantro was growing wonderfully, then it stopped
* My 2 Shasta daisy plants looked beautiful until they shriveled up - hopefully they're still salvageable
* The spring bulbs I planted all failed to grow

So, wow... What a year... LAST YEAR I did better with my Walmart plants and a pregnant belly...

At least my beds in the front are beautifully weed free and mulched... Ready for next year I guess!

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