Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Praise the Lord for kind people.

My car has been on the blink AGAIN. So, I've been driving Mike's little 4-speed (successfully I might add) around town - taking him to work on Monday so I could have a car, and even driving it last night to practice in snowy conditions while he was a passenger. Sharing a car hasn't been too horrible yet - the hardest part is his little Honda is a tiny 2 door and we have a baby... Kinda tricky.

Anyways, back to my car - UGH. It's been such a problem lately. The other day on my way to Jess' for babysitting it died in an intersection - I was able to back it down a hill in neutral (waiting for there to be no cars... going a few feet... waiting...) and then it started and I got it home. Well, last night we needed to take it to the shop for it's final evaluation - if they think it's going to be more than a $100 or more it's probably the end of the Olds for us. So, last night, Mike drove his car with Bekah and followed me - half way to the shop my car died - again IN an intersection (well, just entering it). We're talking DIED - nothing - no power - nada. It was 0 degrees outside, dark, snowy everywhere, and nasty. While Mike tried to figure out how to get his car around me so he could jump me 3 people stopped to offer assistance - we sent them all on their way since we were just going to jump it. Then a nice man with a snowplow on his truck came and offered to push my car through the intersection into a parking lot. Praise the Lord for his help! It was after 10pm and it was cold, but this guy hopped right out of his car to help! We finally got the car going again and I followed Mike this time - we got it to the shop where it died in the parking lot. Phew. Now we're waiting to hear the verdict of the machanics.

In other news - Bekah went to her first concert last night - Go Fish was here for their Christmas show. We got to go backstage to hang with the guys and then Bekah and I joined Mike on stage so she could be officially introduced to his listeners! It was super cute and we had a great time!


AmyG said...

So sorry for all the car trouble you're having! I'm glad someone was there to help you, though. How awesome was that? I hope it's fixable & doesn't cost a lot of money!

Holmfamily said...

we went to the go fish concert here in mn at the target center sunday friend amanda, her husband is the bass in the group. it was so much fun and both of our kids, aspen who is 3 and titus who is almost 11 months LOVED it!