Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remembering Sam Mortvedt, 2008

My good friend Anna (if you've been visiting my blog for long you've heard much about her) lost her brother 5 years ago in a car accident. This is an email her mom sent. Even if you don't know Anna, or didn't know Sam, I wanted to share this note and challenge you to give too - as Deb says in the note, I was just one who was in need a couple weeks ago!

Five years ago on November 22 (it falls on a Saturday just like it did five years ago), Sam was killed in a car rollover and jumped from Central Standard Time into Eternity.

Each year our family has responded to this Anniversary in a different way.
The first year we had Root Beer Floats at his High School.
Year two, we made casseroles to fill a new freezer at our church food bank.
Year three, we played games at our home and welcomed friends to remember
Last year (Thanksgiving Day was November 22nd) we went to Nebraska I-80 mile marker 150 and placed a cross near Sam's site, where we cried, prayed, remembered and then proceeded on to Denver- Sam's original destination

This year we are asking that you would help remember Sam by donating whole blood at your local Blood Donation center. It was brought to my attention that the Blood Banks are seriously depleted right now. That may because of the economy and plasma centers that pay you for your donation, but in the central states it is because so many regular donors are sick. The blood you give today, will very likely be used tomorrow.
A friend of ours (Amy L) just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but needed to receive blood. Isn't is wonderful that we have this unique donor program in the United States?

Please consider this request, and let us know that you have by e-mail.

Above is a picture of Sam and the cross at his mile marker in Nebraska.

We love you,
Tim and Deb (Sam's Parents)

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