Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Fall Cold

Cold season is here - apparently. Oh well, at least I have been craving orange juice - hopefully that will help! I was so excited today to find PULP/ACID free orange juice at Walmart. Usually OJ gives me terrible tummy aches - although I was willing to risk it today, this made me so happy :)

It's interesting how things that sound so tasty change depending on the weather... A few days ago it was in the 80's-90's and all I wanted was ice cream and smoothies. Now today it's been in the 60's and hot apple cider sounds so tasty... Funny how that works :)

We've been busy this weekend moving all the office things upstairs to the attic/studio area. Now the nursery carpet is drying from it's intense cleaning :) Tomorrow we can get started on the furniture!


Jennifer said...

Tag--you're it--see my blog!

Erika said...

Your post made me crave hot cider!! Yum...probably because it's getting soooo cold! I LOVE your new picture and your looks great :)