Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After All That...


I guess that it's rather normal to have to take the 3 hour test and rather abnormal to fail, but I was still prepared for the worst. Oh well - no need to worry now :)

On Monday this baby was very calm and not really kicking me much - that got me a little concerned. Have no fear though, yesterday and today he/she's been back to crazy kicking! I'm thinking we'll need to invest in a "sleep sack" of some sort or the baby will never stay covered up in the crib!

Speaking of the crib - we have one :) It's sitting right next to me... Well, the box with all the parts is sitting right next to me. Hurray for Target sales :) We also have a mattress and dresser at Mike's parents (they stopped at IKEA for us last week!). Hurray.

In other news... I'm staying plenty busy with babysitting a few hours a day at the Nikkel's, teaching 12 students, planning music/services at church, and just life in general! Phew. It's nice to be back to a consistent income though. Summer is a really tough time on our budget - especially this year as we prepared for baby and had a few too many car repairs. God is good - He got us through once again!

So, for those of you who cloth diaper, any suggestions on favorite detergents? I have read THOUSANDS (I'm not exaggerating... I don't think...) of articles with suggestions. I think I'm going to start out with the cheapest store brand stuff from Walmart/Aldi/somewhere like that to get my diapers clean and ready to go. Then we'll see if baby likes that or not... I guess I don't really need to get them clean and ready this second since I do have Pampers 1's to use at the beginning. But, I want to get ready, you know?! We get the dresser either this weekend if Mike's family comes up or next weekend when we go down for a baby shower - I want to be able to get everything in there and all cute looking :)

My diaper stash so far:
21 Cloth Wipes (13 are really awesome, the other 8 are okay...)
2 Kushies' M All-In-Ones (These seem like they'll be very absorbent, but are rather bulky feeling)
3 WAHM Made Fleece M All-In-Twos (These are REALLY bulky and I think they'll be rather hot. Was not expecting them to be completely fleece... I guess Ebay can be a little misleading at times. Anyways, I'm thinking they'll be good at night when it's cold... That's about all I plan to use them for)
1 WAHM Pocket M (Similar to a bumGenius!)
8 bumGenius One-Size Pocket - some 2.0's, mostly 3.0's
2 Happy Heiny's One-Size Pocket
11 Small Inserts/Doublers (for use in all my Pocket Diapers)
11 Large (and the bumGenius are adjustable with snaps) Inserts
Wow - I'm glad I made this list! It looks like I really have 11 diapers I'll use regularly and 5 backup/nighttime diapers. Not bad! I would like to get some more bumGinus, Happy Heiny's, and some Wahamie's. :) And I need another pack of wipes that I really like I think!

Only 67 days until D-Date. We're getting there :)

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