Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Big Baby Purchase

No, not the crib, the changing table, or even the car seat...


There was a deal at Target this past week - buy 2 of the 152 diaper boxes ($27.99 each) and get a $10 Target giftcard. I added with that $7 worth of coupons and think I got a pretty good buy. Now we have a bunch of size 1 - they were out of N. So, if we have a ginormous baby, we have diapers :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you! I have 11 month old natural triplet girls and a 3 year old...I can relate to how much things cost. 275 diapers/month. Congrats to you and good luck!

Rachel said...

It is fun to make those purchases for getting ready! IMO buying the size 1s is a smarter deal, because it is more diapers per box than the newborn ones (which I can't explain since there are less raw materials used in each newborn diaper than a size 1, but anyway...). That said, I'd probably advise you to get like one or two jumbo packs of the newborn ones for the very first days.