Friday, May 30, 2008

Thanks for the Ideas!

I appreciate all your ideas - I'm implementing some today!! Maybe we'll see a change...

Today I was feeling better (M-W were a little rough again... frustrating!). I played for a funeral this morning at church, had lunch (funeral food) with Mike at work, took a nap (since I slept horribly last night due to baby + thunderstorms + humidity), and then we went to "My Waterloo Days" for supper - there were tons of vendors downtown. We both had super baked potato meals and then shared an amazing caramel apple dish. It was a fun little get away :)

Summer is here... I think... I have taken off my wedding ring and moved it to a necklace. See, my ring is usually tight and I DON'T want to risk it getting stuck and with the warm weather, humidity, and baby, I don't want a problem! I felt really naked the first few days, but I'm getting used to it now I guess. Oh well, just one more part of pregnancy that I didn't think about before hand!

I'm excited to be getting together with my cousin Jenn sometime this summer. She and her hubby Mike live about an hour from us. Their third son is autistic and Jenn has done tons of research on the condition including the effect of shots on babies. I know there are a million and one views about shots and other things, but we're excited to talk with Mike/Jenn about what they know since we love/trust them! It will be good to hear their reasonings. We want to make the best decisions for our baby and our family, so I'm excited to learn some!

Tomorrow Mike is in the parade for My Waterloo Days. I'm helping out our church - we're handing out free water bottles and info about our church. Hopefully it's not too hot! Then my mom, sister, and grandma are coming for a few days' visit. I'll catch you when I can :)

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