Monday, May 19, 2008

Life can change so fast.

This afternoon I called my friend Anna and found out she was in pre-term labor (21 weeks along). She was dilated to 4 and if they couldn't stop her, she would be giving birth. Around 3:45 this afternoon she had Elias Paul - he was 1 lb. and 11 inches long. He didn't survive the birth.

What do you say? What do you do? How do I continue my pregnancy without thinking about her every day? How do you go forward without worries?

Anna is trusting in God's control. They spent time with their son, holding him, bathing him, taking pictures. She said he's beautiful. I wish I could have met him.


Rachel said...

This is so hard! We had dear friends lose their little girl at about the same timing you mentioned. There really are no words, just being there for and with them. May God give them peace and you and your husband peace as you minister to them.

Beth said...

I had a one lbs baby who lived. There is nothing you can say, but what ever you do don't stop talking. Let her know you are grieving with her and be there if she wants to talk.