Friday, April 4, 2008

I Did Something Today!!

This morning I actually got up, got ready, put on makeup, and headed to church! Yes, I know it was Friday morning - I was playing piano for a funeral of an elderly lady from the church who I'd never met. They were desperate for a pianist and I figured I could handle an hour and a half. It was fun to see past co-workers and school kids after the funeral was done. I've not been to church in 2 weeks so it was good to get back and reconnect with a few people and hear Pastors Moore and VanHeukelum preach!

After running a couple errands I came home and CRASHED. I slept from 1:30-4ish... Of course I was sleepy and so my stomach decided to be mean again - it was the worst it's been all week, which should be exciting because it wasn't HORRIBLE and I've had a pretty good week :) Dare I say (hope, or pray) Little L is starting to be nicer to me!?? I hope so!!

Dear Mrs. Moore at church talked to me for a bit and said her first was just horrible but after that she had wonderful pregnancies. That was SO sweet to hear from an 80 (or close to it) year old woman. She's too cute. It was fun to talk baby with a few other ladies too. Sometimes when I'm at home on the couch feeling sick it's hard to be excited or remember that this will pass eventually - it feels like FOREVER. It will improve! It must!

I'm feeling well enough to PLAN a grocery list and some things to cook - we don't have to live on pot pies and pizza forever... Granted, Mike will do the shopping and the recipes will be ones that he can put together if need be - they'll be easy hotdishes (yes, I'm still a Minnesotan at heart - for all the rest of you, these dishes would be called casseroles) and such so there's not too much work, but at least they'll be "real" food again.

We went over our budget last night - we learned this year that owing tax money isn't a fun thing - now we know how to pay in quarterly for my piano business so that we hopefully won't be hit with this problem ever again. That did mean adjusting a few things so we can set aside money for taxes each month though. Phooey. Along with the baby and not always feeling up to cooking or planning ahead, this could be an interesting time. God will provide. We just need to use our heads along with trusting.

On my mom's side I have four cousins - all are married (you can meet Rachel via her blog). Anyways, we've just heard that the 4th cousin and his wife are expecting baby #1 just a few weeks after we are! I'm so excited!! Although we so rarely get to see each other (Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas...) it will be exciting to have a couple of young ones so close in age. I'm sure mom and Aunt Betty will have plenty of stories to swap about the new grandbabies (and perhaps they'll even brag a bit...). How fun.

Well, my afternoon nap has worn off and I'm thinking it's time for bed. Blessings!

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Crazy Daisy said...

It is always nice to have a afternoon nap! Have a great weekend!