Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I'm surviving. Mike's on his first business trip. Since I'm struggling with panic/anxiety depression right now it's been a struggle, but I've had my wonderful friend Theresa hanging out both yesterday and today which has helped so much! He'll be home early tomorrow - won't have to work until 6!! I'm proud of myself for making it!

I'm also mucinex free - I've not needed the medicine for 24 hours now! I'm still coughing when doing a lot of activity or going out in the cold, but I am finally getting better I think :)

Thanks to my friend Jennifer for the fun site with the nifty templates. It's fun to have something different!


JenD said...

It is rough to have the hubby away. I also have a really hard time when Ben is gone, especially overnight. I'm glad Mike is coming back soon!

Crazy Daisy said...

I love the new bloggy look!

It can be hard when my husband is away, but it is always nice to have people around and / or projects to work on. Happy to hear your husband will be home soon and has time to hang out!