Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Another winter storm has pummeled us here in Iowa. It's rather crazy. I was just out shoveling 6 or so inches of snow! At least this time there was no ice involved - just fluffy white stuff. Phew. Although I'm not a teacher at school or a student, I do know that these snow days are getting ridiculous - they're talking of having to add a week because of all the days or time missed in the last month! Insane!!

My working out for the month has been going pretty well I think. I've lost some weight and have to attend 4 more times before next Friday - I can totally do that! Next month I'll have to have more gym attendance, but that will be good for me! Hurray!

I had a Pampered Chef Show last Thursday night and it turned out great! Two parties were scheduled from it and there was a big sale! I am slowly getting back on track with that business now that I'm done working at church.

Do any of you struggle with anxiety or panic? Let me tell you something - that's a huge struggle for me. I have an anxiety/panic disorder and I hate it. I've been taking medication, but I'm now going off of it to see if it really helps (we don't think it does much). What a frustrating journey - I'm tired, crabby, and a nervous wreck half of the time! The other half is fine, but that's usually when I'm home and not stressed. Sometimes even simple things like going to the grocery store or church are really hard for me. If you struggle with this, know that you're NOT alone, because it can be a lonely feeling world sometimes. Thanks for listening.

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Crazy Daisy said...

I have trouble with anxiety. I have never used medication, instead I try to manage it with exercise/yoga. Plus, I notice lack of sleep often plays a part it in!