Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Already?

Yeah, it's Thursday.

This week has felt like a big week of nothing. I'm still sick. I've talked to the nurse line and they said it could take 14 days to get better. As long as I don't get worse they didn't think I needed to come in... I went all out and spend $8.92 on 20 MucinexDM pills at Walmart today - it's expectorant and cough suppressant that lasts 12 hours... We'll see if that helps. I'm tired of taking Rubutussin liquid - eew.

We're having another snow storm. While on my quick errands (had to be quick so as to keep me from getting too exhausted or coughing too much) I saw 2 fender benders just on smaller city streets. It's insane!

There's nothing else new to report, just that I'm still sick, it's still winter, and I'm ready for it all to be overwith!

Here's some lovely pictures of what I see daily - blech.

From my side door - looking out into the snowstorm...

The back of the house full of icicles and snow...

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Kim said...

My Mom swears by MucinexDM, I hope it works for you!