Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello Again

It's time to get back to regular blogging - I didn't have the time this week while I was busy entering drawings through Bloggy Giveaways! Wow. I hope I win some again - but if not, I did have fun finding some new blogs! I'm excited to close and draw for my giveaways too!

This week has been a different week for me - I've had to re-adjust to being back home again! Tuesday and Wednesday I slept in... Yesterday I did get up and work on some things. I babysat for a bit yesterday afternoon and am again right now. Luke is here - he's having a little bit of tv time while I blog and finish my hair before we hit the grocery store. This afternoon I'm going in to work for a while to help them catch up. Then off to the gym and home to watch LOST - we taped it last night because I was at a Pampered Chef show... Had a great time there and made a nice amount, but now I need to watch LOST - don't spoil it for me anyone - I'm staying away from many websites this morning!!

Oo - on Tuesday morning I took my friend Theresa to CVS and Aldi - to teach her about how wonderful they both are :) I think she's totally hooked! Luke and I stopped at Aldi yesterday for a couple things we needed for supper... Today we'll be back with a vengeance :) We also need to hit Fareway and Sam's Club.

I've sold more earrings! I'm loving this new little adventure. I have more to get up on my site too! Don't worry - for those who don't win my Etsy giveaway, I'll be offering 10% off of total purchase/shipping price - I'll refund via paypal if you enter Bloggy Giveaways somewhere in the comments section!

And, if you didn't win my Pampered Chef Giveaway, but would like to order something, please contact me via email (or comments here with your email) and I will give you 10% off your order (before shipping... just the way that one has to work...). Again, in the email mention Bloggy Giveaways (or in the comments just let me know you're interested!).

Okay, Luke's tv time is almost up and my hair isn't completely done! Eek.


Maebelle Park said...

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Anonymous said...

Way to win! Also, cool blog you got here. I decided to stop by and check it out. I added you to my reader so I can keep up. Otherwise I forget to check blogs sometimes. You're doing great at finding good deals! Thanks for doing that for us!