Friday, January 18, 2008

Chilly Friday

It has been hovering around 0 degrees here lately. It's just bitterly cold! Tomorrow we head up to Minneapolis to visit friends! Brr!!!!

Due to the cold (and our older, not well insulated house), we've been dealing with HIGH gas bills! We decided to switch to the budget billing system. Next month we'll start paying $158 per month... hopefully that will help! If nothing else, it will let us know exactly what to plan on paying month by month for 6 months or something... How frustrating! I've started washing laundry in cold instead of warm water - since we have a gas water heater too... Today I got another space heater - now we have one in the music room and one for our bedroom/living room/office/wherever we're hanging out the most at the time. Over the weekend we're leaving the dog home, so we can't turn down the heat too much (plus it is nasty cold and we'd like pipes that work when we come home...). Oh the joys of adult life sometimes!

I've been at Clix4coins now for a while... Now Mike is joining in the fun too - hopefully we'll see a payout... I'm only half way there - that's what happens when you only earn 2 cents each day per ad... Anyone else having luck with this company yet?!

We're really happy right now - our credit card is now under $1900!!!! Hurray!! We had paid it off not long after marriage only to be hit by a hard 2007 summer - not many piano students for me and a new house to move into and pay surprise things for... But now we're seeing the light :) We were never over $3000, but to know that we're about 1/3 of the way there is encouraging! We'll just keep plugging along now... After that comes student loans... And a basement renovation in there somewhere too!!

Enjoy your weekend :)

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Leone said...

Congrats on paying your debt down. We are working on that too.

I'm also in Iowa...and it is freezing! We just went on budget billing ...$250 a month! Craziness. At least I know what to budget.

I enjoy your blog. I'm new to the blogging world. :)