Monday, December 31, 2007

It's a good idea to check

I always hear that I should check receipts. Well, today I did. As I was leaving Target I wondered if my coupons had been scanned - NOPE. The girl was very sorry and helpful and gave me all of them (plus an overage, because I had a free Coffeemate - up to $3.99. The cost was $3.25, but she gave me the full $3.99 off!). So, that was good since I ended up spending a lot of money there today. When you've not planned or shopped for a few weeks, it really ads up. Plus with relatives on the way tonight for a party, there are special food purchases... I wish I had had time to run to Aldi - that would have been better, but sometimes in a time pinch you go where you need to go!

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