Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Gift Plan...

So, one of the ways we've learned to combat the December slump (money wise) is to find gifts throughout the year. I've never had all my shopping done before December 1st, however, it seems that the gifts we find throughout the year are usually good deals, useful or practical, or just something we know someone else would appreciate. This helps us not just give gifts to give gifts, but to actually give each gift with a thought or purpose. For instance, this year we bought both of our mom's gifts at a buy 3 for the price of 2 (I think...) in the middle of the summer! My sister and father-in-law's gifts came from a fun shopping day when I was out and about with lots of time and little plan. My sister-in-law's gift was from a party I was invited to last month. We figured out what to get my brother and ordered that today. Now we just are down to Mike's brother and adding something little to his dad's along with my dad's entire gift. Not bad for the 4th of the month! Now we're not freaking out because of a super low check book this month, and I'm not going too insane over gifts yet! Although, we do need to send our gifts to my family in MN here soon, so I should figure out dad's!

This being a year where I'm back in the office world at Christmas time, I was struggling with what to do - I mean, it's a church - do I give to all the pastors?! We're going to give each pastor a card with an invitation to dinner at our house! My other secretary friends... I'm going to go with the homemade body scrub I think that will be just fine, fun, and cost effective :) At least Mike's Christmas party is dinner and then white elephant gift - hence NO cost! Hurray.

I do love the Christmas Season - it's snowing right now! Michael W. Smith is singing "Gloria" to me. Mmm... I've been enjoying the new Pandora Stations for Christmas! We listen to the Jazz Holidays at work - it's quite pleasant! If we're not listening to that, we have our Christmas Cantata music blasting as we're all working hard toward our performances in 2 weeks!

I do not love the cold season... Yesterday at work I felt a head cold descend from my sinuses all the way through my chest :( It really stinks, especially being busy with all the jobs... Oh well. Such is life I guess.

I have a Pampered Chef Show tomorrow night - hopefully I can help some last minute planners with their Christmas giving or hosting!

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