Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, Monday...

Well, today I started my 8am to work schedule. I was 15 minutes late. Eek. I think I'm immune to my alarm clock. We'll be working on that in days to come...

Last night I took Theresa to Walgreens so she too could participate in the spa rewards! Yay. She bought 4 small bottles of Advil - with 3 $1 off coupons. So, her total was a bit over $14 - still a pretty good deal!

Tonight I had a quick run to Sam's Club - just for cereal/milk - my lunch and breakfast on work days! $11 for 2 weeks worth of breakfast/lunch is pretty good if you ask me! I just add in yogurt/peanuts/something extra with my lunch and it's great :)

Well, time to relax before I get to do it all over again!

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