Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Monday

A dark and rainy Monday has arrived. This is going to be my first week of working 3 days at church while teaching all my lessons and everything else! It's exciting to think that I'll be getting another paycheck next Friday since usually I only get paid the first week of the month from my students. Our savings account is growing!! So far it's not really costing us much more for me to be working out of the home - I did have to buy a few pieces of clothing, but now it's not bad! Because church is close to home I am able to come home for lunch if I want to. But, since I only eat Special K for breakfast and lunch, it's really easy to pack my lunch and take a short break at work!

Yesterday we got our basement, garage, hall closet #1, and hall closet #2 organized! I'm a very happy woman. None of the dishes got done, none of the rooms were tidied up, but there are newly organized spaces! I'm excited to have room to put my towels in the #2 closet, and happy to have found the floor in the #1 closet! Mike now KNOWS where his tools are and belong. What a relief! They're no longer scattered throughout the entire house. I'm a happy woman :) All it took was a little effort, a quick trip to Lowes, and an afternoon at home. Hurray!

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