Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Fun

We spent a great weekend with friends out in the woods. Camping out, cooking out, singing, talking, laughing, enjoying the rain, the kids, the animals. What a lovely time!! There are plenty of things in life that are so simple, yet so enjoyable!! We spent a total of $11.76 for our camping space, $23.02 for food to share, and about 1/7th of a tank of gas. Not bad for a nice retreat from the busy normal life we lead. I'm just glad my pillow still smells like campfire smoke - yummy!!

I have really been enjoying scavenging for fun and great deals online. I had no idea so many companies offered free samples and great coupons online!! What a fun way to save money :) I kind of feel like I'm on a treasure hunt - am I a dork?! I don't care. I feel like I am going to becoming better at the grocery bill and the bank account!!

I have submitted 2 Pampered Chef shows this month and will be closing on another in this next week! What an extra blessing the little things are - starting my new temp. job at church, more Pampered Chef shows than normal, babysitting consistently for a friend. This past week was pretty tight with money. I need to remember that we are to be wise stewards and as we are, God will bless us. THANK YOU LORD.

It's a beautiful rainy night and our windows are wide open. I think I'm going to go and read and enjoy the sounds :)

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