Monday, September 17, 2007

Comparison Shopping

I had a ton of fun yesterday :) Although it will take some time to get all recorded, my new project is exciting in many ways :)

1) I made a chart that has the following headings: Item, Aldi, Fareway, Sam's, Walmart
2) I filled in all the normal staples in our kitchen, bathroom, medicine cabinent, and cleaning supplies
3) I figured unit prices for these things at Sam's thanks to their online shopping

Now my job is to figure unit pricing out at my other regular stores to see who wins the "normal" shopping time! Of course, sales and coupons make a difference sometimes, but the regular trips will soon be determined :)

My sister in law seemed to think this was dorky. My friend Theresa thinks it's too hard. I think it's kinda like an adventure towards saving money which will ultimately result in less student loan debt and a finished backyard and basement :) Hurray saving money!

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